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Exclusive interview with Krishna Kasi, Vice President – Security, BNP Paribas

0628 CISO ASEAN Speakers

Tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up in your current role.

For the past 20 years I have been working in the IT security and infrastructure space with various organizations such as BNP Paribas, Barclays, Citibank and Microsoft across geographic locations. I started primarily as a database administrator and have managed my progression through various technologies, while I was working as a database administrator, I was highly intrigued with the security features and their associations and the same helped me to start my journey towards IT security.  IT Security was not a big buzzword back then and connecting with a like-minded circle and associating with technology leaders made it easy to start my career towards it.  I am a kind of person who primarily believes in transformation and automation.  When I encountered the opportunity to enhance and make an impact within the organization with the help of infrastructure consolidation.  I grabbed the opportunity and transitioned my way through the organization.

2. What has been your biggest success in the last 12 months?

 2020 has primarily been a big challenge for many people and organizations at the same time acceptance towards information technology has grown many folds.  Online education was only limited to very few universities.  Though 2020 prominently induced fear in everyone, it also forced many organizations to take aggressive steps to provide infrastructure to work from home and due to the increased exposure cybersecurity and security awareness has grown. 

 Some of the other areas that have exponentially grown in 2020 and continue to grow in 2021 are blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), Data Science.


3. How do you determine what technology to invest in and how can you stay current with all the changes?

This is a two-part question, before even looking at technological improvements it is necessary to look at the business vision and mission statements and business requirements.  Identifying the improvement areas evaluating the technological options will provide us with a direction for investment.  In addition, there are few market surveys such as Gartner which will provide us with the more precise evaluation of technology and products that could be looked at.

Staying current with all the changes in the technological space is one of the key requirements for any organization, irrespective of security or infrastructure. Security conferences such as Corinium global Intelligence and meetups provide more visibility and opportunities to keep updated with market changes.


4. What were the two most important things you did to build better engagement of your employees?

Interaction with the employees is a key to develop a good security culture within the organization.  Some of the most prominent ways to encourage is to formulate a security masterclass within the organization and nominate security champions, this would refresh security awareness within each and every team.  Nominating a security champion will not only embed security awareness within each and every team but also encourage to create more security enthusiasts.


5. What strategies do you employ to keep current in a technologically environment which is rapidly changing and developing?

As we all know that the technology is changing every moment, attending security conferences and associating with renowned organizations help us to keep ourself updated with the rapidly changing and developing world.  In addition, Gartner reports do provide great visibility on the market leader.


6. When it comes to recruitment what approach to take to track and keep the best? What do you feel they value?

Attracting the right talent is the key to any organization.  When recruiting for the organization it is very important to discuss on what the organization can give the candidates before accessing what the candidate can bring to the organization.  Also, it is very essential to access the mindset and attitude of the candidate to fit within the culture of the organization.  Accessing the emotional intelligence of the employee through many market available EQ or Psychometric assessments will give you a better view of the candidates.  In addition to identifying the right fit, retaining is the most important part.  Ensuring transparency and defining adequate SMART goals will  ensure we retain the right talent. 



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