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  • 10:00

    Welcoming remarks from Corinium

  • 10:02

    Opening Keynote
    Defending Critical System: Malaysia's Perspective

    Dato’ Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab - CEO - Cybersecurity Malaysia


    In today's digital era, critical information infrastructure (CII) is becoming increasingly important for sectors like finance, healthcare, and transportation. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G and various marvellous technological device has been slowly implemented within CII. However, as CII's reliance on technology grows, it also opens up to cyber threats like cyber espionage, data breach, and ransomware. This session will be discussing:

      • The significance of safeguarding critical information infrastructure
      • The role that cybersecurity plays in defending against potential cyber threats.
      • Provide insight into the most current cybersecurity technologies and tools that can help prevent and reduce the impact of cyber-attacks.
  • 10:27

    Partner Presentation
    How to unlock your company’s DevSecOps potential

    Niroshan Rajadurai - Sr. Director Global GitHub Advanced Security Sales - Github


    Security is a shared responsibility between developers and security professionals for businesses and the industry at large. We must all contribute at an individual, organizational, and community level to succeed. In this session by GitHub, you will learn how to deliver highly secure software and services by building security into development and operations and making security principles and practices an integral part of your DevOps processes. Even if you have deeply-rooted existing processes, legacy software, multiple teams, and projects, you can learn how to unlock your company’s DevSecOps potential.


    Takeaways from this session:

    • Understanding how developer first DevSecOps can transform your remediation rates
    • Learning the first steps your organization can take in your DevOps to DevSecOps journey
    • Understanding how to successfully deploy application security in a cloud-native environment
  • 10:53

    Panel Discussion
    Future Focus – What can we expect the future of cyber security to look like?

    • How will next-generation technology influence the way security operates?
    • What new types of threats and bad actors are looming on the horizon?
    • Finding new vulnerabilities and sealing the gaps. How to start and continue?
    • Challenging the traditional view of information security and how it could change.
    • Successful and unsuccessful cyber-attacks – setting up the threat actors for failure.



    Christopher Lek, Director, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)



    Reuben Athaide, Head Cyber Advisory and DevSecOps, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)

    Jan Nem Yong, Head of Information Security, StashAway (Singapore)

    Kawin Boonyapredee, CISO, Inypay


  • 11:48

    Partner Presentation
    Supercharging Your Cyber Resiliency: CISOs on the Front Lines

    Victor Keong - Field CISO - Cohesity APJ


    CISOs are on the front line dealing with the onslaught and proliferation of ransomware attacks. How are they making cyber resilience a foundational part of their strategy? Join Victor Keong, Field CISO of Cohesity APJ to hear the real-world examples about how CISOs are focusing their strategies on recovery and resilience, for building the foundation to supercharge your defense against cyberthreats. This session will cover key strategies and best practices for building a strong cybersecurity foundation and leveraging the latest technologies to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, that help you defend your data, detect anomalies with AI/ML-powered forensics and threat scanning, and ultimately, recover your data in the event of an attack.


  • 12:07

    Case Study/Presentation
    Driving a top-level cyber security maturity programme for 2023

    Marcus Yin - CISO - Corruption Practices Investigation Bureau

    • Developing a strong information security strategy across each stage of the maturity cycle
    • Customising a programme to meet unique security risks to an organisation.
    • What should security architecture look like?
    • The dos and don’ts of a successful maturity programme – measuring progress
  • 12:19

    Panel Discussion
    Aligning IT security and business to promote a secure environment

    • Answering the famous question: how secure are we?
    • Communicating risk levels to the board and retaining buy-in.
    • Contextualising threats and risks in metrics – helping the business visualise risks and highlight what’s can be done to counter them.
    • IT security ROI: showcasing progress and success.
    • Reporting breaches and maintaining constructive dialogue



    • Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh, Associate Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia 



    • Thavaselvi Munusamy, Director - GRC (IT/OT), ITT
    • Ts. Saiful Bakhtiar Osman, Head of IT, Shared Services, PNB Commercial 
    • Ts. Dr. Suresh Ramasamy, CISO, Center for Advanced Computing and Telecommunications (CACT) 
  • 13:11

    Close of CISO ASEAN 2023